Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our Puerto Rico trip!

My first cousin Alan and his beautiful bride, Lisa, decided to get married in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We could not miss it! So, the four of us (Daddy, James, Maryn & I) traveled to the island for some fun in the sun! Our kids were amazing on the plane....better than we were to be honest:) The wedding was UNBELIEVABLE! Daddy and James Harris wore tuxedos and Maryn Belle and I wore evening gowns (it was a Black-Tie wedding)! Everything from the Cathedral to the reception to the flowers were PERFECT! I don't even have a guess on what they spent on this wedding, but we had such a fabulous time! Everyone attending the wedding, even if not family, felt like family and we hope to see them all at the next "family" gathering!

The kids didn't want to leave the resort. They swam and swam and swam some more....we couldn't get them out of the water! Daddy and I relaxed and enjoyed watching our babies interact, smile and laugh....that is a parents greatest joy!

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