Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our Puerto Rico trip!

My first cousin Alan and his beautiful bride, Lisa, decided to get married in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We could not miss it! So, the four of us (Daddy, James, Maryn & I) traveled to the island for some fun in the sun! Our kids were amazing on the plane....better than we were to be honest:) The wedding was UNBELIEVABLE! Daddy and James Harris wore tuxedos and Maryn Belle and I wore evening gowns (it was a Black-Tie wedding)! Everything from the Cathedral to the reception to the flowers were PERFECT! I don't even have a guess on what they spent on this wedding, but we had such a fabulous time! Everyone attending the wedding, even if not family, felt like family and we hope to see them all at the next "family" gathering!

The kids didn't want to leave the resort. They swam and swam and swam some more....we couldn't get them out of the water! Daddy and I relaxed and enjoyed watching our babies interact, smile and laugh....that is a parents greatest joy!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Yard Sale experience!

For the most part, our yard sale was a positive experience. We really had non stop traffic and made a good chunk of money for our trip to Puerto Rico. One disturbing event that happend was on Friday, my parents went to pick up Maryn from Daycare and my husband wasn't home from work yet. This left me at the sale by myself. Not even imagining that anything bad would have happend, I was duped.... bamboozled.... hornswaggled!!!!

A family of 4 adults and 3 children pulled up and instantly made a ruckus. One of the adults was trying to get me to let her read my palm, the other was telling me that she needs pots to make food for her children and one was shoving a baby in my face and telling me how she has been sick and needs a good deal because she has no money and needs to clothe her children. Well, the way I was raised, my heart went out to them and I began to just give them things. I ended up charging hardly anything for designer clothes, shoes and pots and pans. I felt good.... they were not well behaved, but I felt they needed it more than me and I was helping them out. THEN, my neighbor walks over as these people were getting ready to leave. They saw my neighbor coming over and left abruptly. My heart sank....something told me at that moment that I was conned.

My neighbor told me that while the adults were distracting me, two of the children (about 5 &7) were stealing toys, books and kids clothes and putting it in the back of their truck. One woman, another yard sale shopper, said that one of the adults actually got out of the truck with no shoes on and slipped a pair of my shoes on. After realizing and being told what had occurred, I sat down and could have cried because those poor children don't have a chance. Using and teaching your children to steal....SICK! These innocent babies....all I can do is pray for them.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Maryn Belle's First Steps

Driving home from golfing with Lesley, I get a phone call from my husband...."She's walking....Maryn is walking"! Of course I was yelling on the other end of the phone "NO WAY"....the same thing I yelled out when I found out that she came out with a vagina (I swore she was a boy for the last two months). Anyway, every Mom can sympathize with me on the topic of not being there for your baby's first steps....OUCH! Although, I am so glad that James was able to witness it! 6 steps on her own....she just turned around and started stepping. I have yet to witness this, but Daddy swears! I am beginning to think that the little stinker is much more manipulative than we knows I will pick her up, so why would she want to show me that she can walk? Smartypants!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Park City, Utah!

My entire life I have wanted to try downhill skiing....well, this weekend we are headed to the gorgeous powdered mountains of Park City! Although, I am not going to ski. My girlfriend Les has talked me into going snowboarding instead! "It's better on your knees"....that got me hook line and sinker! So, off we go with our friends from Minneapolis (Kelli and Douglas Van Winkle) to ski, snowboard, drink and laugh ourselves silly. Roll out the CHARMIN....God knows I will need it!!!!

Wish us luck!