Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Maryn Belle's First Steps

Driving home from golfing with Lesley, I get a phone call from my husband...."She's walking....Maryn is walking"! Of course I was yelling on the other end of the phone "NO WAY"....the same thing I yelled out when I found out that she came out with a vagina (I swore she was a boy for the last two months). Anyway, every Mom can sympathize with me on the topic of not being there for your baby's first steps....OUCH! Although, I am so glad that James was able to witness it! 6 steps on her own....she just turned around and started stepping. I have yet to witness this, but Daddy swears! I am beginning to think that the little stinker is much more manipulative than we knows I will pick her up, so why would she want to show me that she can walk? Smartypants!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Park City, Utah!

My entire life I have wanted to try downhill skiing....well, this weekend we are headed to the gorgeous powdered mountains of Park City! Although, I am not going to ski. My girlfriend Les has talked me into going snowboarding instead! "It's better on your knees"....that got me hook line and sinker! So, off we go with our friends from Minneapolis (Kelli and Douglas Van Winkle) to ski, snowboard, drink and laugh ourselves silly. Roll out the CHARMIN....God knows I will need it!!!!

Wish us luck!